There are other companies that charge you and pay you money for cryptocurrency mining. Few of them actually mine, while others speak to you in technical mumbo jumbo that even we don’t understand. We set out to create a managed co-mining company where we talk to you as if you were buying a mutual fund or real estate.  We offer the highest level of transparency, payout speed and hard asset ownership in the industry. We invented the co-mining business and launched Valhalla Mining as the world’s first managed cryptocurrency co-mining company.

Mining is not only about running algorithms on big computers.
It’s the harmonious labor of men and machines.


Andrew G. Szabo


Andrew G. Szabo is an early internet pioneer, economist, Bitcoin trader. He launched his first internet company in 1996, a business that played streaming video in Netscape browsers. He co-founded the dating site date.com, owned and managed a series of gaming sites in the early 2000s. “Cryptocurrencies are the next big revolution that will not only change our relationship with money, but will alter the internet forever.”

Robert Forras

Co-Founder, COO

Robert Forras early internet entrepreneur, economist, real estate developer.  Robert launched his first internet company in 2002, an online gaming company. He developed peer to peer gaming technology. Robert also co-founder Dotodo a peer to peer delivery platform and now devotes his time to cryptocurrency mining. “Blockchain technology is going to disrupt the basic idea of money and the power of the nation state.”

Tomas Kis

Chief Mining Officer

Tomas Kis, cyrptocurrency miner and trader. Tomas has been mining Bitcoins since 2012. He was among the first wave of successful miners. He works on 3 monitors, keeping an eye on cyrptocurrency news, another on the exchange rates and his third eye is on the performance of our network. Tomas and his small crew optimizes mining processes, installs hardware and makes sure that you’re rig is sitting in a cool and comfortable environment.

Evi H.

Finance & Owners' Relations

Evi directs the rig owners’ relations of the company. She brings years of finance and administrative experience to Valhalla. She ensures that your statistics are up to date and correct. She overseas the seamless operations of our mining facility, the correct registration of your mining rigs and the weekly on-time distribution of your mining revenue.